Fast Weight Loss Tips Part 1

  1. Soup or Salad Before Meals

Alright we are not talking about a complete soup or salad diet. I don’t think I could ever do it, but a simple tip like eating a light soup or small salad before meals can lead to 10%-15% less calories being consumed in the meal. Why? Because a soup or salad can be very filling

  1. Buy Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables

I have good intentions when I buy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. I THINK I’ll eat them. But often times they end up going rotten from sitting in my fridge for so long. BUT when I buy pre-cut fruits & veggies I tend to snack on them more. Laziness? Not sure. But buying precut fruits & veggies will help you eat more.

  1. Limit your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is not only extremely fattening (7 calories per gram) but it also destroys your will power and damages your body’s primary fat burning organ (your liver). Try to call it quits, and if you cannot do that try to limit the number of drinks you do have when you do drink.

  1. Cut Out All Junk Foods

Junk food can equal junk in the trunk. A study performed by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine studied the eating habits of 2,757 subjects with type 2 diabetes that were sampled and surveyed for their eating habits. Results showed that 93% over consumed calories, 85% had more saturated fat intake than the recommended amounts, and 92% had too much sodium intake. Such correlations show the dangerous health effects of junk foods.

Researchers conducting a clinical trial on rats showed that high fatty food intake can even lead to a decrease in cognitive functions. Junk foods can contain as much as 610 calories (MacDonald’s SuperSized Fries). With the average American teenager drinking an average 760 cans of soda, junk food consumption often leads to a diet heavily laden in extra sugar, fats, and calories. These calories can add up during the days, weeks, and months to a very unhealthy diet. Although it may require some self-control and discipline, just saying NO to junk food can and will lead to weight loss. It is very difficult in the beginning but you’ll get used to it after a few weeks.

  1. Never Eat Till Full

Okinawans (Japanese Islanders), whose average BMI is 21.5, are known for their supreme health, fitness, and longevity. One of their secrets is the “hara hachi bu” or eating until you’re 80% full. This doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. You can definitely eat. In fact, you should eat until you’re satisfied. Just don’t eat until you’re full or stuffed. This causes your stomach to expand and your body to become lethargic.

The stomach is a versatile organ. It expands when we eat and shrinks when we’re hungry. As a result, if you are always eating until you feel like throwing up, your stomach will expand beyond its normal capacity. This causes you to eat more to fill this expanded void of your stomach. By eating less, you’re shrinking the total capacity of your stomach. This leads to a smaller appetite and weight loss.